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We accept VISA and MasterCard

Version Log

2.51 released 11/18/02
Support for EPS_REFERENCEID form field (eSec)
Support for SIM processing method (Authorize.Net)
The 2.51 requires Accounts Online 2.79+

2.50 released 05/14/02
Support for CVV credit card field (eSec)

2.49 released 02/06/02
Support for version 3.1.
Support for CVV credit card field (Authorize.Net)

2.48 released 11/14/01
Support for MD5_Hash security feature (requires Accounts Online 2.71)

2.47 released 11/08/01
Enhanced support for Authorize.Net error codes (requires Accounts Online 2.70)

2.46 released 11/02/01
Support for AUTH_CAPTURE and AUTH_ONLY Authorize.Net modes (requires Accounts Online 2.69)
Extended info (account address, email and product id) now passed to Authorize.Net gateway

2.45 released 10/22/01
Support for non-standard Authorize.Net gateway URLs (requires Accounts Online 2.68)

2.44 released 10/10/01
iTransact gateway support
Bug fixed: repeat ClickBank receipts posted on browser Reload command

2.43 released 08/29/01
Shopping cart items now have optional notes field
Please note, that 2.43 is incompatible with pre 2.58 of Accounts Online and pre 2.41 of Shopping Cart

2.42 released 08/10/01
PayPal gateway: proper handling of missing custom fields on repeat IPN calls from PayPal

2.41 released 08/10/01
PayPal gateway: proper handling of mixed case PayPal status codes
PayPal gateway: optional acceptance of pending transactions

2.40 released 07/31/01
bug fixed: LinkPoint gateway not recognized by Shopping Cart

2.39 released 07/30/01
PayPal support

2.38 released 07/30/01
ClickBank support

2.37 released 07/26/01
LinkPoint support

2.36 released 06/28/01
bug fixed: security hole in iBill gateway

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