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Setup Instructions

1. Download and unpack faq.zip. You should get the following files:

faq.cgi - Standalone FAQ browser script
*.pm - library modules
*.html - sample templates
*.gif - buttons images

2. (UNIX and Apache for NT only) Edit the very first line of cgi files if necessary. The line must contain path to perl interpreter.

3. Upload all *.cgi and *.pm files to your HelpDesk Online executables directory in ASCII mode and chmod the files to 755. Please ensure the directory is writeable by scripts (chmod to 777 if in doubt)

4. Upload all *.gif files to your HelpDesk Online executables directory (default location) or any directory you assigned to store HelpDesk Online images in BINARY mode.

5. Run helpdesk.cgi script and log in as system admin. You will see new "FAQ" menu button. Please note that FAQ Management forms can be accessed only by system admin.
6. (Optional) Customize and upload template files to you <basedir>/tmpl directory. Template is an html page to be used to display FAQ topics and search interface. Standalone FAQ browser script (faq.cgi) reads proper template file, looks for a line starting with


tag and replaces it with FAQ topics or search form as appropriate. Please note, that for security reasons the scripts ignore directory path if given, always upload template files into your <basedir>/tmpl directory. Do not forget to specify template filenames via HelpDesk Online System Setup (FAQ template and FAQ search template fields). FAQ Builder package includes sample templates (files faq.html and search.html).

7. Use url of your faq.cgi script as a link to FAQ.

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