Now you can accept online checks and credit cards for your website even if you do not have a merchant account!

You Sell, Weíll Take Care of the Rest!

We are pleased to announce that Eastwright Corporation is an Approved Business Partner of Internet Billing Company, LTD (iBill). This partnership has been created to provide you with high quality value-added services and resources to help your online business obtain the success you desire. Whether youíre a small Internet startup or the online division of a global retailer, you will need reliable e-commerce services and the business and marketing tools to support your growth. As the most experienced e-commerce services firm, iBill has what it takes to reduce the costs and risks of doing business online.

Since 1996, iBillís transaction processing services have enabled Web merchants worldwide to accept and process real-time payments for goods and services purchased over the Internet. In addition to providing credit card processing, iBill also gives merchants the ability to accept online checks or allow their customers to charge fees directly to their telephone bill (Pay by Phone).

Our services are powered by proprietary technology that integrates online payment processing, fraud control, affiliate management, financial reporting and tracking. In short, our systems take care of the processing of transactions so you can focus on your business!


Our Services
If you're a Web merchant selling products, services or subscriptions, iBill Complete is the easiest and most cost-effective e-commerce solution available to jumpstart sales if you do not have an Internet Merchant Account!

With iBill Complete, you use iBill's Internet Merchant Account to process your transactions. In essence, you outsource the billing functions of your offerings to iBill. That means you don't have to worry about collecting sales taxes, staffing a customer service desk for billing inquiries, or many other traditional upfront costs. For a flat percentage of the sale, you receive:

  • State-of-the-art, turnkey point of sale interface
  • Sophisticated tools to help you manage customer access, memberships and subscriptions
  • Fast, secure transaction processing on our secure Web server
  • Advanced fraud control to reduce the risk of chargebacks
  • Industry-leading business management and reporting tools
  • Turnkey billing solutions including 24/7 live client service
  • Affiliate Management with our RevShare program
  • Multiple payment options that expand your market, including credit cards, online checks, and telephone billing
  • Full featured storefront and shopping cart that enables you to sell products or multiple subscriptions and services
  • Pay-per-view billing capabilities
If you would like to learn more about our iBill Complete offering:
Click here if you are selling products Click here if you are selling intangible products, services and/or subscriptions

  • To sign-up with iBill right now, click here and fill in the application.
Serving the needs of Web merchants selling products and services that have or want to have their own Internet Merchant Account, iBill Processing Plus delivers the industry's most cost-effective and robust e-commerce services. iBill Processing Plus gives you:
  • State-of-the-art, turnkey point of sale interface on our secure Web server for subscription and shopping cart based services
  • Set up on your own Internet Merchant Account
  • High-speed, secure transaction processing using your Internet Merchant Account
  • Advanced fraud control to reduce the risk of chargebacks
  • Full control of transaction data to support your accounting and customer service functions
  • Robust reporting tools through iBillís Commerce Management Interface
  • Sophisticated tools for managing customer access, memberships and subscriptions
  • Subscription Service/Rebilling Capability
  • Sell tangibles through the iBill Shopping Cart
  • Affiliate Management with our RevShare Program
  • Flexibility for the client to control as much of the billing function as they would like
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If you already have an Internet Merchant Account, please contact Keirstin Pinela at (888) 237-1764 ext. 526, or email her at

Learn More about Processing Plus.

If you have any questions about the agreement, or need help, please contact Keirstin Pinela at (888) 237-1764 ext. 526 or email her at You will be assisted with the signup process.

When completing the iBill Service Agreement, please remember Eastwright Corporation's Partner ID.
iBill Partner ID: p10830

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