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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AutoCharge require eCommerceGateway to be installed?
No, AutoCharge does not require eCommerce Gateway to operate.

2. Does AutoCharge substitute eCommerceGateway?
No, AutoCharge handles only periodical invoices, that is invoices defined by rebill part as per product specification.

3. The customer subscribed to monthly plan sent me a check with quarterly payment, how could I handle this case using Accounts Online with AutoCharge?
Post a receipt in amount of the check received. If the payment received covers current account balance, Accounts Online will automatically delete all pending AutoCharge transactions. In case of partial payment please open AutoCharge Management menu (via Admin interface) and delete pending transactions with total amount equal to or less than amount of the check received. Accounts Online will resume to schedule AutoCharge transactions as soon as account balance will get positive.

4. What happens if AutoCharge transaction failed?
First AutoCharge logs an error, then sends notification messages to company billing email address (as set in System Setup Panel) and to the customer. You can review status of pending transactions (number of attempts, date and time of last attempt, decline reason) via AutoCharge Management menu.

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