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AutoCharge script makes use of advanced techniques in order to access Authorize.Net gateway and requires certain Perl libraries to be installed and properly configured on your system. To ensure that your system is capable to run AutoCharge please complete the following steps:

1. Download free site inspection script.

2. (All UNIX systems and Apache on Windows NT/2000) Edit the very first line of the script to include valid path to perl interpreter.

3. Upload the script to your server in ASCII mode into your cgi-bin directory.

4. (All UNIX systems) Make the script executable (that is chmod it to 755).

5. Run the script via your browser. The script will check if required libraries installed and will try to establish secure connection with Authorize.Net gateway. Please note that depending on your server configuration script can try to use different connection methods, some of these may fail. It is not necessary that all methods succeed in order AutoCharge could operate. Please refer to Summary section for conclusions.

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