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Setup Instructions

1. Download and unpack You should get the following files: - AutoCharge script - AutoCharge Management script

If you use cgi extensions for Accounts Online scripts (if you have 'rebill.cgi' file in your Accounts Online scripts directory), please rename both files: -> autocharge.cgi -> autochargeadm.cgi

2. (UNIX and Apache for NT only) Edit the very first line of both files if necessary. The line must contain path to perl interpreter.

3. Edit line 5 of - you must enter your Authorize.Net account password here.

4. Upload both files to your Accounts Online executables directory in ASCII mode and chmod the files to 755.

5. Login to Authorize.Net Merchant Control Panel and add url of your script to lists of Valid Referrers and Valid ADC / Receipt Link URLs. Make sure "Default Field Encapsulation Character" (as per ADC Direct Response Settings) set to "None".

Please note, that if you use taxes calculations, you should check Add taxes to product price option (Accounts Online System Setup) in order Accounts Online calculate correct amounts for AutoCharge transactions.

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