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Version Log

2.62 released 10/28/04
Authorize.Net has promoted one of the optional AIM parameters to the mandatory status. This update deals with the issue. Please refer to setup instructions for more details.

2.61 released 08/24/04
Bug fixed: Sending charge failure notices to wrong account (if more than one charge failed within a single batch)

2.60 released 06/18/02
Supports recent Authorize.Net improvements (workaround for "duplicate transaction error")

2.59 released 02/06/02
Supports Authorize.Net 3.1 and CVV codes

2.58 released 11/28/01
Immediate attempt to charge credit card on billing info change via My Account view (requires Accounts Online 2.72)

2.57 released 11/08/01
Bug fixed: Autocharge does not always recognize Suspend AutoCharge flag

2.56 released 11/02/01
Support for AUTH_CAPTURE and AUTH_ONLY modes (requires Accounts Online 2.69)
Customer address if available now passed to Authorize.Net gateway
Bug fixed: Autocharge does not recognize test mode settings (always on)

2.55 released 10/22/01
Support for non-standard Authorize.Net gateway URLs (requires Accounts Online 2.68)

2.54 released 10/17/01
Intelligent handling of configuration errors
Changes in notification messages formats

2.53 released 08/12/01
Maintenance release due to changes in AOL API

2.52 released 08/10/01
Initial release

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